Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer

Ex-Wall Street Journal Editor Shows How To Make Your Blogs, Books & Business Writing Sparkle

What you’ll learn

  • You will dramatically improve the quality of your writing in as little as days or weeks
  • Your writing will stand out from peers, colleagues and competitors
  • Your blogs will look more slick and professional


  • A notepad and pen, or computer for writing exercises


****Please note that the second edition of this course is now also available on Udemy. Please click on the instructor’s bio below for details.****

  • The bestselling writing course on Udemy…
  • Taught by a former editor at The Wall Street Journal, and ex-contributor to The Economist, Financial Times and Bloomberg News…
  • Shani Raja is a professional editor who has trained prominent journalists in the craft of writing and was recently rated as among the top 10% of the most engaging Udemy instructors…

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How would you like to write with the style and flair of top journalists on newspapers like The Wall Street Journal and The Economist?

What if you knew the tricks of the trade that make the writing of those journalists sing and their words dance off the page?

What could knowing those principles do for your essays, books, reports, marketing copy, sales emails or blog posts?

You’re about to discover a powerful new framework that will change forever how you write.

And to learn from an instructor who teaches top journalists how to improve their writing, and who has worked for some of the world’s leading news brands, including The Economist, Financial Times and Bloomberg News.

Writing isn’t just another skill. It’s one of the most important you need for conveying a professional image and climbing up the career ladder.

But while plenty of people can write, very few have mastered the craft of writing with style and flair.

Top journalists are among those people. They know heaps of tricks, tactics and principles to make their writing stand out dramatically from the crowd.

You’re going to learn those secrets here. Once you’ve grasped them, you’ll realize it’s always been as easy as understanding a few key principles and then applying them.

By the end, you’ll know exactly how to give your writing a massive edge over the work of your colleagues and competitors.

These elite skills will help:

  • Make your business writing outshine that of your peers
  • Make your sales prospects instantly ‘get’ your product
  • Attract more loyal readers to your blogs and books
  • Get more clicks (and conversions) on your website
  • Get your CV to the top of the must-see interview pile
  • Make your essays the slickest in your class

Smart writing is a skill you simply must have to make a strong impression in whatever field you’re in. Being able to write with clarity, precision and elegance will also get you much further in life. On the flip-side, poor writing can hold back your career by decades, and scar your company’s image.

Very few people are able to write with the elegance of top journalists who’ve spent years receiving military-style training to help them quickly weed out fluff from their writing, make it flow beautifully, and express themselves with crystal clarity.

This is a rare chance to discover how they do their magic and to make your business writing sparkle by incorporating their tactics.


These elite techniques will superpower your cover letters, press releases, marketing copy and sales emails. Your blogs will look a thousand times more crisp and sharp.

Many people don’t realize that writing with style is a craft you can learn easily with the right teacher, rather than a skill you need to be born with.

So, join the tens of thousands of students who have invested in discovering advanced writing secrets from an editor who has taught some of the world’s best journalists how to write.

You too will discover:

  • How to be super-economical with words
  • How to avoid repeating yourself unnecessarily
  • How to stop making simple ideas sound complex
  • How to write in plain English
  • How to tell when you’re saying too much
  • How to steer clear of weak or redundant words
  • How to keep sentences active and express ideas more powerfully
  • How to chop away sentence clutter
  • How to avoid jargon and clichés
  • How to make crisp distinctions between contrasting ideas
  • How to avoid mixing up time elements
  • How to strategically use words like “it” and “they” and “this and “that”
  • How to add consistency using a journalistic technique called house style
  • How to present your writing ultra-professionally
  • How to avoid what journalists call word echoes
  • How to keep ideas neat and parallel
  • How to create an elegant narrative structure

These are just some of the writing tricks that make great journalistic writing so slick. You’re about to learn them too, in as little as a few days if you choose to make this investment in your career today.

I had been looking everywhere for ways to sharpen my writing. I bought books, visited websites, watched videos and gradually improved but it was not enough. My writing lacked polish. Shani’s course is empowering. I came away with a number of principles and methods that allow me to see the weaknesses in my work and then make immediate improvements. I’ve taken the lessons and made many improvements to my work. What seemed like work before is now pleasurable. I have a new outlook on writing…” — HARBANS, UDEMY STUDENT

“I’ve read plenty of books on writing, sat endless hours analyzing my professors’ red-ink markups, read plenty famous texts, and still my writing progressed in small bursts. No more of that. This class gives you the eagle eye mentality to understand the details, the big picture and make sense of the process. I honestly believe this class will take my writing to a higher level…” — ROBERTO1, UDEMY STUDENT

To the tens of thousands of people who’ve signed up to my introductory course, SECRET SAUCE OF GREAT WRITING, and had a glimpse of my powerful new writing system, this one is packed with all the cool tactics to shoot you up the learning curve.

What’s even better is that there’s a no-risk initial money-back guarantee, no questions asked. So you can be comfortably sure what you’re going to get is top value.

“Short, sweet and to the point, each word worth its weight in gold!…” — UDEMY STUDENT

“There were loads of “Ah!! I do that!’ moments which forced me to return to earlier blog posts and redo them…” — UDEMY STUDENT

“I trained as a journalist 12 years ago and I wish this course had been available back then. Get ahead of the game, this course will help you shine!…” — UDEMY STUDENT

Slick writing transforms dull marketing into a compelling sales pitch…

It converts reluctant prospects into committed clients…

It turns mediocre business writing, essays and blogs into must-read, sparkling content…

What’s more, it makes you, the writer, look supremely smart and sophisticated. Take a moment to imagine what that could do for your business or career.

In this course, I’m going to teach you how to shoot up the learning curve of great writing rapidly.

You won’t just learn the rules. You’ll get to practice applying them through my on-screen tutorials, so that it all sinks deep into your subconscious mind.

By the time you’re through, you should notice a dramatic difference in the quality of your writing. Your readers will too.

“I will enjoy very much using the rich bounty of knowledge provided while cementing it into practical skill.” — UDEMY STUDENT

“Shani delivers each of his principles in a brutally honest no fluff format. He will teach you how to cut the fat from your writing and make your communication crystal clear…” — UDEMY STUDENT

“I prepared myself for a boring speech about what words to use over others but i got thorough workout in writing. I now produce shorter blogs, way less complicated sentences, choose better words and see many other improvements. My text is easier to read and grasp, feels crisp and fresh. You mention another course and i can’t wait to get my hands on it…” — UDEMY STUDENT

“Shani encapsulates and defines the subtle characteristics of writing that create elegant, powerful prose. As a freelance writer and traditionally published author, I have taken no less than 10 courses in improving my own writing skills. This is, by far, the best course I have taken. Your writing mojo will jump up a notch or two if you follow Shani’s advice and his clear, thoughtful instructions. Great writing can be taught – and it’s through this course…” — UDEMY STUDENT

At school and university, we’re taught to write in a way that’s repetitive, convoluted and boring. That poor training is exactly what makes so much corporate or official writing so agonizing to get through.

What if you knew how to bypass all that lame conditioning and suddenly write with the flair of a writer on your favorite newspaper or magazine?

Accomplished journalists know a bunch of cool tricks that make their writing scream off the page, snuggle up close to readers and command their attention to the very last word.

For the very first time, I reveal in intimate detail exactly how those journalists achieve that mesmerizing effect.


WRITING WITH FLAIR: HOW TO BECOME AN EXCEPTIONAL WRITER takes you one giant step forward toward writing wizardry. You’ll get up close to a bunch of techniques I’ve mastered by hanging around some of the world’s best journalists and scrupulously studying their methods. The potent tactics, given here as easy-to-digest key principles alongside strategic exercises, will help transform you into a masterful writer quickly.

You’ll be armed forever with principles that can turn any piece of mediocre writing into something slick and memorable.

“Most great teachers can’t write, and most great writers can’t teach. Shani Raja is one of the few who excels at both. I managed dozens of reporters and editors during my 12-year career at Bloomberg News, including Shani. Now he’s the person I go to when I want help with my writing.” NICOLAS JOHNSON, EX-BLOOMBERG AND GLOBE AND MAIL EDITOR, AND FORMER CANDIDATE FOR PARLIAMENT OF ONTARIO, CANADA.

“As a young reporter my prose might have been robotic and jargon-laden if not for Shani’s watchful eye and attention to the elusive human interest behind ostensibly technical stories. Beyond the standard reporting skills–like accuracy, clarity and integrity–I also learned refinement, how to withstand impulses toward glibness and cynicism that can naturally set in when oft revisiting the same beat. Shani will teach you how to write well, and with grace.” HAWA ALLAN, JOURNALIST AND FICTION WRITER.

Do you struggle to write clearly and powerfully? Have you wondered whether sub-standard writing could be holding back your career or business? Do you assume you either have it or you don’t, and therefore don’t bother trying to improve?

I’m here to tell you you can improve, and faster than you ever imagined.

In WRITING WITH FLAIR, I break it down precisely. The invaluable knowledge, laid out in this easy-to-follow course, will propel your writing to new heights without wasting time on obscure grammatical factoids that make little difference.

I lay out all the rules and techniques you can immediately begin applying to make your writing sizzle.

You’ll notice the improvement quickly–whether you’re writing an essay, cover letter, dissertation, report, memo, press release, blog, marketing brochure, sales email, book or even just a Facebook update.

I go step-by-step over the key principles I’ve picked up working within top news organizations so that you can turbocharge your writing in as little as days or weeks.Who this course is for:

  • Corporate writers
  • Communications professionals
  • Marketing executives
  • Government and nongovernment agencies
  • College and university students
  • Blog writers
  • Job hunters
  • Journalists
  • Small, medium and large businesses
  • Book writers
  • Bloggers
  • Authors

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