Building E-Commerce Shopping Cart Website In PHP & MySQL

Creating an E-commerce Shopping Cart Website from scratch in PHP & MySQL

What you’ll learn

  • You will be able to build web applications in PHP
  • You will be able to create an E-commerce Shopping website


  • Basic Knowledge of PHP


Here I’m going to build a Shopping Cart with these features

In FrontEnd Displaying Products and home page and displaying products with categories. Next to adding to products cart from home page category page and adding the product to cart in multiple quantities from a single product page.

Next is displaying products added to cart in cart page and also in a drop-down menu with a checkout link.

While the user goes to the checkout page after adding products to the cart. We will check user logged in or not?
If the user logged in we will allow him to the checkout page or else he will be prompted to log in or register.
If he is a new user, he should register. If he is not a new user, he can log in with his login credentials.

In the checkout page, if the user already has billing details. It will be displayed or else user will be prompted to enter billing details.

After that, the user can choose the payment method and accept the terms his order will be placed. For now, I’m using only Cash On Delivery method.

If we use payment gateways, the user will be redirected to payment gateway. If he pays we will store transaction id and other information from payment gateway provider into our database.

Customer can submit reviews to the product, customer can submit only one review per product.

Customer can cancel his order. Also, the customer can update his or her address from my account page.

Customer can check all the orders from my account page. And also view single orders from single order view page.

Wishlist for the customer to add products to a wishlist and remove products from wishlist.

In Back End Admin Area, Admin User will be able to log in and add, edit & delete products. And also admin user can check the orders. Go through the list of customers and go through all the reviews submitted by customers.

Order Processing from backend, admin can process the order in 4 different stages one is Order Placed, Order In Progress, Order Dispatched, and Order Delivered.

A lot more features are included. Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn PHP & MySQL with Hands-on Project

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