Create A PHP Login And Registration System From Scratch 2019

The FULLEST and complete Login and Registration System course using PHP, MySQL, and Ajax.. from scratch!

What you’ll learn

  • Create a full user login, logout, and registration system.
  • Code a secure login system from scratch
  • Create members-only pages on your website.
  • Use GitHub for storing your projects.
  • Properly use PDO.
  • Understand and write OOP PHP.
  • Send Ajax requests to your server, have PHP execute some code, and have JavaScript react to it.
  • Write and understand JSON objects.
  • Use JavaScript and jQuery to validate form submissions.
  • Keep users logged in
  • Learn PHP and Ajax Workflow


  • You should be comfortable with HTML, CSS and JS, but it’s not technically required.
  • You should know some PHP and MySQL, but it’s not a requirement.


This course will teach you how to create a full login, logout and user registration system for your website. You’ll learn about PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (jQuery and Ajax), and Git (using GitHub).

Learn how to create a website login and registration system using PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON and MySQL. This course will show you everything you need to know to make a full login-logout system with a user registration bonus.

This is a fast paces course, but you’ll a lot of advanced concepts that a typical “build a login system” course won’t teach you.

You’ll learn MORE than just how to make a login system. This course includes topics on:

  • How to use JavaScript and jQuery to create an Ajax request to register and login users.
  • Create a login and user registration system from scratch using PHP and MySQL
  • All the code is on GitHub for you to view at any time (the real code and it’s history).
  • Downloadable code after each lesson.
  • Lessons on security and password protection.
  • How to create members-only pages.
  • How to create Classes from basic functions.
  • Secure database connections using PDO instead of MySQLi (PDO is the OOP way, and is considered “better”).
  • What to build next on your own.

You’ll learn how to code a full login system, with registration, logout and member-only access pages.

Almost every website on the planet has a login system. It’s about time yours does too. The best part about creating your own login system (and taking this course) is the skill you’ll gain: you’ll be able to put a login system into EVERY website you design in your future. It’s very easy once you learn how to do it — and that’s why you’re here: to learn how to code your own login system from scratch.

I look forward to seeing you inside the course!Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to create a website login/logout/registration system
  • Developers who are familiar with basic HTML and CSS

Created by Kalob Taulien
Last updated 10/2017

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