Web Software Development With Django | Game Store App

Build a secure multi-user game shop web app with Django. Deploy it to Heroku cloud, support payments and Facebook login.

What you’ll learn

  • Build medium size Django apps and deploy them to a cloud platform
  • Design multi-user data models and database relationships
  • Architect applications to accept payments and Facebook authentication
  • Take user security into account when designing an app
  • Master necessary Django tools, practice Git version control and Heroku Cloud Platform deployments
  • Master industry tools to isolate dependencies and Python environments for your projects
  • Become a much better developer


  • Be able to write and understand basic object oriented Python code
  • Be familiar with very basics of HTML and CSS.
  • Be familiar with the basics of how HTTP protocol and Web work
  • Be comfortable working with text editor and command line tools
  • Familiarity with the basics of relational database concepts like SQL is beneficial
  • Some basic understanding of what a version control is. Knowing how to use it is not necessary for this course.


This course is a perfect entry point into the world of web software development. We will be focusing on Django web application framework and building a complete Game store web application with multi-user data model, payment functionality and Facebook authentication. The course project introduces the most important Django features and demonstrates how to use them practically. Not only will you learn how to build intermediate web apps but you will also start thinking as a professional software engineer taking into account security, app deployment, version control and dependency management. Moreover, the course will make you confident starting your own projects from scratch and you will be able to showcase the final work to potential employers.Who is the target audience?

  • Intermediate Python developers who want to quickly dive into the world of modern web software engineering
  • Developers who are looking for a sophisticated project for a career portfolio
  • Python developers who want to build more complex software than a To Do list
  • Developers interested to see and learn how to use Git and Heroku Cloud Platform
  • Python developers curious to integrate different web services like payments or Facebook into the web app
  • Developers who want to learn the complete software development process from an idea to a production ready app

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