Modern Responsive Website With CSS3 Flexbox And ES6

Learn Modern Responsive Website With CSS3 Flexbox And ES6 Udemy course free download

Learn how to build BEAUTIFUL responsive websites from SCRATCH using HTML5, CSS, CSS3 Flexbox and Javascript (ES6)

What you’ll learn

  • Be able to create beautiful websites from scratch
  • Udemy course free download
  • Make RESPONSIVE websites that look great on all screen sizes
  • Improve HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript skills
  • Make your websites stand out


  • Very basic HTML and CSS knowledge would be helpful
  • Udemy course free download
  • NO advanced HTML, CSS, or JS knowledge is required
  • Basic text editor of your choice


This course is a part of the upcoming collection of courses called Become a Guru, which has a goal of turning students into professional developers, no matter how much of previous experience they have. Free Udemy course

In this course:

– You will learn how to code websites from scratch

– You will learn most advanced HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript principles

Free courses from Udemy

– You will learn CSS3 Flexbox

– We will make our website look amazing by using Javascript for interaction

– You will learn how to turn your code into Beautiful websites

– We’ll explore free stock image websites

– We’ll be using fonts for our icons in order to make or icons more flexible

– You will learn how to find modern fonts

After this course you will have all the skills you need in order to create a modern website.

If you are a beginner, this course will turn you into a professional.

And if you already have some coding skills, this course will make you even better developer.


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to create amazing looking websites
  • Anyone who wants to improve development skills
  • Download Udemy course free
  • Anyone who wants to learn modern CSS3 (Flexbox) and Javascript (ES6)

Created by Vladica Lapcevic
Last updated 4/2018

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