React + Redux – Professional Development [ Russian]

Practical development of commercial React applications

What you’ll learn

  • Use React to create modern front-end applications.
  • Use Redux to manage application state
  • Use REST API to access data on the server
  • Use unit testing jest and webpack to package an application


  • Understanding of the basics of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML


To make this course as useful as possible, it is very important for me to know the opinion of the first students. And this is impossible to do without sharing the ready-made lessons now. This course has been removed by 85% (this means that the last few chapters have not yet been added to the course).

Here is my plan for releasing the remaining chapters of the course:

  1. React Router – videos are published right now.
  2. Redux – November 15
  3. Advanced WebPack – November 25th

The course is based on React 16.4 (June 2018) and covers the latest innovations in the React ecosystem.

The course contains a detailed guide to the new JavaScript syntax up to ECMAScript 2019.

React is the most popular library for developing web applications and one of the most demanded skills for a JavaScript developer in 2018.

The focus of this course is practical application development at React. This means that we will consider not only the effective use of React itself, but also the whole ecosystem of tools and libraries that are needed to create a full-fledged UI application.

In developing real-world applications, we will explore the most important tools in the React ecosystem:

  • React
  • Redux
  • React Router
  • Jest
  • Webpack and Babel

Since no UI application can work without a server, the examples from this course work with real REST APIs and can be used as the basis for your own project! And in order to further bring our examples to commercial products, we will examine in detail the unit testing and effective packaging using WebPack.

This video course is built on the basis of offline courses conducted by the author to prepare professional JavaScript developers.  His task is to provide all the necessary practical skills for working in a team or for self-development of commercial-level React applications.Who is the target audience?

  • Developers who want to master React on a professional level.

Created by Yuri Bura 
Last updated 11/2018 

Size: 5.99 GB

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