The Complete Python Masterclass: Learn Python From Scratch

Python course for beginners, Learn Python Programming, Python Web Framework Django, Flask, Web scraping and a lot more.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the latest version of Python i.e Python 3
  • Understand & learn each and every Python concept.
  • Learn how to automate social media posts using Selenium
  • Make Web-Applications using Python.
  • Make GUI based Applications in Python using Tkinter
  • Learn how to make full-stack web apps using Python and Django
  • Learn how to make your own web-scraping tool using Python
  • Understand all Django concepts
  • Understand all Flask Concepts
  • Learn how to perform data analysis using Python
  • Learn object-oriented programming in Python


  • No coding, or technical knowledge required.
  • A computer with an internet connection.
  • No paid tools are required as the tools required for this course are free.
  • Passion and curiosity to learn something new.


The Complete Python Masterclass: Learn Python From Scratch

Here Is What You Get By Enrolling In This Course:

Word-By-Word Explanation: In the entire course, I explain each line of code, without skipping a single line of code.

Awesome Quality Content: Over 21+ hours of HD(1080p) Videos.

Well, Structured & Easy To Learn: Course has been specially designed to make it easy for the students to learn Python, Django, Data Analysis, Flask, Tkinter & Web Scraping.

24 X 7 Support: I will always be there to guide you in your journey to become a Python expert.

Note: Student queries and problems will be answered immediately.


Here Is Everything You Will Learn In This Complete Course:

The Complete Course is divided into 6 Major sections

Section 1: Python.

Section 2: Make GUI In Python Using Tkinter.

Section 3: Data Analysis.

Section 4: Python Web Framework Django.

Section 5: Python Web Framework Flask.

Section 6: Web Scraping in Python.

First, we start off by learning the basics of Python and installing the required tools to write Python code. In this section, we cover almost all the Python concepts in an in-depth manner, where I will explain each and every line of code. There are over 50+ lectures covering almost all the Python concepts. This includes all the concepts such as data structures, object-oriented programming, functional programming, control flow, etc.

In the next section, we learn the basics of Tkinter which will allow you to build desktop Python applications having an attractive user interface.

Moving along we now are onto the most interesting part of this course, which is Django. Django is one of the most popular web development frameworks for Python and is used by many big companies worldwide. In this section, we cover Django starting right from basics, to the point that we build a sample mini web app using Django.

Then we learn about Flask which is also a web development framework. We cover all the basic concepts in Flask as well.

Finally we learn about web scraping, which is one of the most interesting things we could do in Pyhton. We build a web scraper right from scratch writing the code with line-by-line explanation.


So let’s begin the journey of becoming an expert in Python.

In addition to the Udemy 30-day money back guarantee,you have my personal guarantee that you will love what you learn in this course. If you ever have any questions please feel free to message me directly and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible!


Make sure to enroll in the course before the price changes.

Take yourself one step closer towards becoming a professional Python developer by clicking the “take this course button” now!

Join the journey.


Ashutosh PawarWho this course is for:

  • Beginners who want to learn Python.
  • Beginners who want to learn Django.
  • Beginners who want to learn Flask.
  • Web Developers.
  • Students who wish to learn a new skill to develop their careers.

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